Changing Seasons, Changing SoundsChanging Seasons, Changing Sounds Friend - We've been blessed with a wealth of great music to share as we begin the transition from summer to fall. Below, find a granular & envelopingly beautiful soundtrack to cooler nights from KILN, a pre-winter warmer of an EP from Quite Scientific's Hollow ... [ more ]

This Summer, Go For The Gold (Panda)This Summer, Go For The Gold (Panda) We've had to keep this under wraps, but we're happy now to be able to send you Gold Panda's stunning new record Half Of Where You Live. Some of you are very excited to get your hands on this record - and we're glad to share this work of art: a focus on new ... [ more ]

Whether You're Here Or At Home...Whether you're here or at home... Since Ghostly Songs isn't heading down to Texas this year, we thought we'd share some new music for all of you in the same boat. If you happen to be there, though... catch Beacon, Lusine, and more live at the Ghostly / Flowerbooking showcase in Austin on Thursday ... [ more ]

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